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Practising Thai chi – 29th January 2010 February 2, 2010

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So my weekend plans weren’t much other than to have a look or listen to what seemed to be the revival of a locally formed band that played at parties and concerts during my high school days called “Purple Headake” but now have revamped and polished themselves to “Pure Prophecy” at City Center. Plans soon changed (as they normally do in my case) to have a listen and then go off to eat in one of the many places that are there at the mall.

 Ok, the malls in Bahrain are known to be swarming with our neighbours from across the border and with families on weekends but this particular Friday the traffic outside the mall was almost ridiculous. Fortunately, City Center is a big mall and you can get enough of space for yourself to breathe (not in the case of the visitors at the Autumn Fair taking place nearby). The sound of a saxophone playing John Meyer’s “waiting for the world to change” drew us near Saks Fifth Avenue and the band lived up to my expectation of kick-@##! (For those who haven’t heard them yet – you must – they’ll be playing this weekend as well!)

Our restaurant of choice was Thai Chi Restaurant which is located near the other somewhat trendy eating joints at the mall. The place can be best described as modern oriental-chic; and with its hues of lavender and wooden interior décor it makes it hard to believe that it is located in a busy mall. We were lead to our table which was at the center of the restaurant and being one easily amused I took a liking to the metal mesh curtain that they had there. From what I remembered, we ordered dim sum, one green curry, one red curry, shiitake mushrooms in sauce with rice (didn’t really write down the names of the dishes that we had – sorry- next time will do!) but it was simply delish! We could have done without some of the fried items that we ordered as it seemed too dry but the curries made up for it and although the portions seemed small for the voracious eaters in our group, it did suffice leaving us feeling well-fed without being overly stuffed. Before our dessert could arrive we were served with traditional Chinese tea with dried oriental fruit inside – I did try to bite into them but still could not make out what it was but later found out that it was Chinese dates! For dessert, we had fresh mango with sticky rice soaked in coconut milk which gave it a pudding-ish texture and was absolutely divine. Although I will leave out the other dessert item as it was so substandard that it didn’t leave any impression on my mind.

 Being a big fan of both Chinese and Thai cuisine I have to say that the overall experience was a good one and definitely one that I could recommend to friends.


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