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Whats in a name…. February 4, 2010

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So I recently got the meaning of my name on and it read – “A reena is typically a female that spends excessive amounts of time watching House and reading MLIA.

A reena tends to find mundane, stupid things exorbitantly exciting, such as Snuggies and bubble wrap.  The reena can be very mean when it wants to be, and has a sharp tongue, which it has most likely adopted from Simon Cowell and/or Lily Allen and/or Greg House.

It also tries to be badass, but has a sticky, gooey inside that has a weakness for cute things, like puppies and donuts.

Be extra cautious while approaching a reena, as they are known to be volatile and violent at times. If you by chance run into a reena and it shows signs of anger, slowly back away keeping your hands above your head and offer it some colorful items that you probably find stupid (ex.: bendy straws, raisin bran, animal crackers, dinosaur stickers, etc.)
The reena has also warned many people that it is important to be prepared for the incoming zombie apocalypse. It requests that you keep an adequate supply of multi-layered clothing, face masks, ducks, and venus razors.”

And I was like wow….that sums me up…..almost but not quite….and then I went through names of other people I knew…..some were spot on ….and the others …not really.  But it got me thinking about how each one of us are named………and how we are identified by a word that our parents chose to call us (unless you are one of those people who chose to legally change your name or go by a pseudonym…)

Loads of people ask me what my name means…..(dunno whether its to make conversation or whether they are genuinely interested) and I always tell them that my dentist once told me that it means “sun”(he really did). A quick google search says it means “reborn”… uh-huh…..i suppose thats supposed to make me feel like my name has depth….that it actually means something worthwhile…..but i doubt my parent put that much thought into what name they gave their kids….or maybe they did…..

So my story goes ….. I come from Goa, India….and although my parents have decent Portuguese-esque names they decided to name me after….after….well i dont really know…i guess my mom just liked the name. But after hearing some of the names some of my fellow Goenkars have got, I must say i got off lightly – names like Petrocin, Arkanj, Pobreen, Caitan etc …while my physical appearance got me few points when i was in high school, had I got one of those names i dunno what would happened to my then already low self-esteem….

I watched a trailer of a hindi movie called “my name is khan” and from what i got about the movie (well other than the actress Kajol looks better as she grows older…) it is about how an asian family in the US struggles through suspicion of being terrorists because of their last name. Even Bollywood gets..(or rather is cashing in on) the fact that the name you bear can have consequences on the life you have.

And then I think about those celeb-spawns……they’ve got names like Zuma, Chastity, Sparrow, Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo and I wonder how life is gonna be like going through high school for them (but then ofcourse they’ve probably got trust funds that can aid their therapy sessions!)

The problem of weird name giving is a trend that dates way back to biblical times. Jabez was a name given to a kid then coz it meant pain because his mom bore him in pain – (now I’m thinking there was psychological pain coz otherwise we’d have a lot of moms using that excuse…..) Fortunately for Jabez – he got so tired of it all that  he cried out to God to bless him with prosperity and to deliver him from the torture that came associated with his name and God did! Although there are only 2 verses in the Bible that actually talk about him, Jabez is now considered a success story and an example of how God can turn a really messed up name into something worthwhile.

So I guess for those stuck with names like Pinky, Twinkie and Agapita….theres hope ……


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