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Smelly underpants August 3, 2010

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I recently had the priviledge to meet a family with two gorgeous lil kids (ages 5 and 8 respectively) and one day the younger siblings came into the room giggling like a giddy headed garden goat (like my 8th grade teacher would say…) and whispered something into his older sister’s ear. She just rolled her eyes but I was curious to know the source of this mirth – she replied “he’s at an age where he finds silly things funny” (*shock*horror*gasp* there’s an age for that!!!!…..) and she continued saying “smelly underpants” to which i replied “whose?” and she said “no, he finds the words smelly underpants very funny”.  The young munchkin continued laughing for a good while until he found something else that amused him.

The website lists #449 Staying up so late that everything becomes funny. I love those nights/days/moments where you are so tired and little things become hysterically funny. In fact I remember in school during exam times while everyone was doing their last minute cramming before entering the exam hall, i would get a burst of creativity and would just make up these witty tales that would have people either laughing their head off (myself included) or telling me to get away from them coz they needed to look into their books or else they would not pass that exam! What is it that makes us find things so incredibly funny at those moments – could it be that the wall that we built are somewhat weakened at that time. Walls of decorum and restraint that make us presentable to society.

Its often said that you can determine what type of character a person has by what he/she laughs at. While this holds some truth – this also causes people to restrain themselves to hold their laughter lest they be judged as heathens or a holy joe. I cant remember the last time I laughed so much that my stomach hurt and my eyes watered….but I know it wasnt because of something intellectual – it was probably something really silly.

When we were kids our level of humour was so much simpler (well life in general was simpler too…!). My best friend PJ and I used sing a song “Igadae-valae-polae-chitae” and bob our head to the tune and we’d find such joy in doing that. My sister and I termed everyone we didnt like as “goonkutlals”. As I write all this down I still find all this funny but then maybe my sense of humour hasnt changed much.

So I end today’s blog by saying “panty!” *collapses with a fit of giggles*