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Dont scratch October 17, 2016

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So ive been thinking of relationships and how im drawn to people that i know it wont work and just want to stay away but cant so the only analogy i can draw is this..


yup….am comparing love (or infatuation) to chickenpox…..while this may expose some underlying unhealthy concepts of love instilled in me….as I am thinking about it – it makes sense in my head.

so we dont know why chickenpox even exists….but at one point in time we all get it. Many times at the wrong time. And when we do, the urge to itch is sooooo strong. Everyone warns that its not good to itch it and yeah yeah we get it….but just give us the opportunity (desperation) and we will itch. And when we do, it feels soooo good. It gives us relief, comfort and in a strange way joy…if something feels so good then it cant be wrong (where have we heard this before!). But then you itch till it bleeds and then it hits you….”what have i done”…now you are sore and it hurts more than the itch. In time, you get better, the pain fades away and all you have is a scar to remind you that you had chickenpox and you were dumb enough to itch….