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Dont scratch October 17, 2016

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So ive been thinking of relationships and how im drawn to people that i know it wont work and just want to stay away but cant so the only analogy i can draw is this..


yup….am comparing love (or infatuation) to chickenpox…..while this may expose some underlying unhealthy concepts of love instilled in me….as I am thinking about it – it makes sense in my head.

so we dont know why chickenpox even exists….but at one point in time we all get it. Many times at the wrong time. And when we do, the urge to itch is sooooo strong. Everyone warns that its not good to itch it and yeah yeah we get it….but just give us the opportunity (desperation) and we will itch. And when we do, it feels soooo good. It gives us relief, comfort and in a strange way joy…if something feels so good then it cant be wrong (where have we heard this before!). But then you itch till it bleeds and then it hits you….”what have i done”…now you are sore and it hurts more than the itch. In time, you get better, the pain fades away and all you have is a scar to remind you that you had chickenpox and you were dumb enough to itch….


Life is good, eternal life is better January 9, 2013

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Death. We dont like talking about it do we? at least I dont. Went for a friend’s mom’s memorial yesterday. And although the family were shaken by how sudden everything happened they were at peace knowing that their mom/wife was with God. Happy and pain-free.

Made me wonder about how I would want my memorial to be. What will people say about me. Hopefully it’ll be good things. Made me wonder also how people would react to my death. Hopefully it would not be of a heart attack or word will spread of how a fat girl died (“she really should have looked after herself better…”)

As Christians we all know that this life is temporary….but every so often we need to be reminded dont we?


Smelly underpants August 3, 2010

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I recently had the priviledge to meet a family with two gorgeous lil kids (ages 5 and 8 respectively) and one day the younger siblings came into the room giggling like a giddy headed garden goat (like my 8th grade teacher would say…) and whispered something into his older sister’s ear. She just rolled her eyes but I was curious to know the source of this mirth – she replied “he’s at an age where he finds silly things funny” (*shock*horror*gasp* there’s an age for that!!!!…..) and she continued saying “smelly underpants” to which i replied “whose?” and she said “no, he finds the words smelly underpants very funny”.  The young munchkin continued laughing for a good while until he found something else that amused him.

The website lists #449 Staying up so late that everything becomes funny. I love those nights/days/moments where you are so tired and little things become hysterically funny. In fact I remember in school during exam times while everyone was doing their last minute cramming before entering the exam hall, i would get a burst of creativity and would just make up these witty tales that would have people either laughing their head off (myself included) or telling me to get away from them coz they needed to look into their books or else they would not pass that exam! What is it that makes us find things so incredibly funny at those moments – could it be that the wall that we built are somewhat weakened at that time. Walls of decorum and restraint that make us presentable to society.

Its often said that you can determine what type of character a person has by what he/she laughs at. While this holds some truth – this also causes people to restrain themselves to hold their laughter lest they be judged as heathens or a holy joe. I cant remember the last time I laughed so much that my stomach hurt and my eyes watered….but I know it wasnt because of something intellectual – it was probably something really silly.

When we were kids our level of humour was so much simpler (well life in general was simpler too…!). My best friend PJ and I used sing a song “Igadae-valae-polae-chitae” and bob our head to the tune and we’d find such joy in doing that. My sister and I termed everyone we didnt like as “goonkutlals”. As I write all this down I still find all this funny but then maybe my sense of humour hasnt changed much.

So I end today’s blog by saying “panty!” *collapses with a fit of giggles*


Reality t.v. bug bites India March 6, 2010

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While I am not one to keep up with the entertainment news in India, I gotta say that its a fascinating world (at least the little that I know about it)!  There are dozens of Indian television channels that show varieties of different programmes that keep throngs of fans worldwide glued to the telly. Whenever I channel flip, my attention is always caught by those overly dramatic soap operas – if only just to check out what everyone’s wearing (who knew that housewives looked so festive just having dinner with the family!).

Yeah, we’ve passed the games show phase, “Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who wants to be a millionaire)” was big way before Slumdog Millionaire came about, but now its all about those reality tv show. The one that got my attention was the finale of “Rahul dulhaniya le jaayega” (Indian version of “the Bachelor”). Yeah, the US version alone was bad enough but the fact that this show has actually made it to India and has high rating is well both alarming and confusing! As I watched the run up to the programme my eyes kept popping out of the socket with all that i saw, the 16 contestants within the age range of 19-34 (most of them in their early twenties) trying to win over this “Bachelors” affection so that he could marry them? (Seriously – thats the prize?). The bachelor this year is Rahul Mahajan who is no stranger to reality tv in India after having a stint on Big Boss 2 (Indian version of “The Apprentice”) and a celebrity judge on a kids show and he’s also the son of a slain politician. But all that aside, what really got to me was this guy was ….. not attractive at all……not in looks, not in character….nothing. His previous marriage to a friend of 13 years was one with serious allegations of physical abuse ended and in divorce, he was hospitalised after an alleged cocaine overdose, that too just a month after his father’s  death and did i mention that he is just not good-looking? And honeymoon plans are a bit if-y coz although Rahul has plans to go the Maldives and Ireland, it depends if the court allows him to do so as they are holding his passport as he is facing charges of using prohibited drugs.

For this finale, the remaining 3 contestants all had designer sari’s and had already gone through the pre-marital hindu rituals. The parents of all 3 girls were supportive and were encouraging Rahul to pick their daughter. Hence my confusion, most Indians are prudes and they take pride in it – my family included (till date, I cringe and blush if there is a kissing scene on tv and my parents are in the same room!). And here am I watching something that is totally contradictory to what I was raised to believe. And it was not just the RDLJ that got me in a tizzy. All that I was watching – the ads, the movie trailers, all screamed “sensuality”.    

It got to a point that I couldnt watch anymore and I didnt end up watching the actual programme…..but did google to find out who won this show. Turns out, 21 year old Dimpy Ganguly from Kolkatta won the show and is now married to Rahul Mahajan. hmmm….uh…I wish the couple all the best. Btw, this is season 2 of the show, Season 1’s couple are no longer together…sigh!

Yeah, its popular belief that most of these shows are scripted but they are shocking nonetheless. Just goes to show that in the entertainment world – Scandal sells. And how.


status update anyone? February 22, 2010

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Social networking sites. Like it or hate it – once you’re on it……YOUR HOOKED!! Whether you’re on myspace, twitter,digg, friendster or facebook (the latter of which i’m on…and I’ll be making the most references to it on this blog) you cant help yourself from just logging on for a few minutes to check on whats going on with fellow social networkers.

Kudos to the ones who started these sites. Never has it been easier to track old friends, classmates, former flings etc. Fb has risen above phone calls, emails and even sms’. You can either wall message, comment on their status or send them a message through the fb mailing system or even just poke them to know that you’re thinking about them and theres even a birthday reminder.  The status updates – it ranges from the boring “I am so sleepy today” to the more exciting “there a 75% sale tonight at the XYZ Mall” to the plain bizarre “I am wearing metal underwear so that aliens cant take away my vital organs”.  And if ever you forget to carry a camera to an event – no problem- chances are that there are atleast 10 other facebookers at the same shin-dig that will post those pics on their album and tag you.  Bottom line is Fb is entertaining and it certainly gives you a sense of belonging to one big happy online family.

The corporate world recognizes its significance too – nowadays new products, events etc are all marketed using either or even both twitter and facebook. Facebook is so popular in the West, HR firms use it to make background checks on prospective employees ( not to upload those drunken pics when you are on the job trail…) and blackberry devices and iphones both have softwares that are facebook friendly (proving yet again that information is just a click away). The celeb world have taken up this trend too, fans love to keep up with their fav. stars online and media keeps a constant watch on status updates on twitter/fb accounts to find out more about superstars.

Ofcourse as is the case of all things popular – Fb has got its share of controversy, the privacy issue is one that is under constant strutiny. But  theres also the  rise of the facebook junkies. While its a great tool to keep in touch with friends, its so easy now for fb to become your best friend. Hours can pass by with random browsing and suddenly you can find yourself going thru a friends aunty’s sisters-in-laws son’s wedding photo album (stalker much?).  Facebookers complain bitterly on the constant changes of looks and features in order to “better its performance” but yet it doesnt stop them from using it. And then there are those online facebook games… them horrid, annoying games (although i think if i ever played those games i would be one to be on it all the time!). There’s Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe world, Playfish, Texas Holdem Poker and the list goes on. Farmville alone  has over 75.2 million active users and over 18.1 million fans in January 2010 and its users constantly posting messages of wanting more chicken, or cowdung or something in order to keep their farm going! And we cant forget about those online quizzes, horoscopes and gifts that are constantly posted on walls.( I recently got a bucket of KFC posted on my wall – huh? ). People now get the shakes if they havent done their daily hourly log on.

While its great to know whats happening in your friends circle – sometimes the info thats put into the status bar can just be TMI or even offensive. Theres even a spin-off website where they make fun of such status updates (really, some info is just best off being private!)

Ofcourse, its all harmless fun to some – but when your facebook usage border lines obsession – then i guess its time to call for a time out!


Crazy lil thing called love February 16, 2010

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14th February 2010 – and once again the world got filled with the buzz for valentines – lovers holding hands, hearts decorating most shops, people getting mystery gifts, flowers shops stocking up on roses and aspirins (for themselves) as they braced themselves for the onslaught of people for what was probably the busiest (and most profitable) day of the year for them!

And once again, I found myself dateless – or without a significant other to get all lovey dovey with. Hmmm…..its all so easy to dismiss this day as commercialised rubbish or ignore the fact that this day exists but the bottom line lies that on this day where romance is so prominent – the feeling that lingers amongst most singletons is simply crap!!

What makes it so gloomy is coz this day is about love….and the greatest need for the human heart is the need for love – to give out love and what it desperately desires is to receive love.

Love. What does it mean really? That word has been so used and abused that people dont even know what it means anymore. I guess thats the problem with the english language, we have too few words that mean far too many things. The Ancient Greeks had four distinct words for love and broke it down:
1. Agape: meaning unconditional love. Agape is the word used in 1 Corinthians 13 which is known as the “love chapter” of the Bible. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love.
2. Eros: Now here is a word we are all too familiar with. The word erotic is derived from it (really, need I go on?). Also known as marital love.
3. Philia: meaning friendship in modern Greek. In ancient texts, philos denoted a general type of love, used for love between family, between friends, a desire or enjoyment of an activity, as well as between lovers.
4.Storge: meaning “affection” in ancient and modern Greek. It is natural affection, like that felt by parents for offspring.

C.S. Lewis “The Four Loves” talks about these four types of love : Charity, Eros, Friendship and Affection.

And as I’m looking at that list above, i’m grinning…..coz at this point in time i realise that 3 outta 4 isnt that bad. And though its a not-so-nice feeling being a singleton as I see so many of my peers are tying the knot or getting into relationships.

I need to remind myself that its an even yuckier feeling getting out of relationships that turn sour and I dont really need to get desperate, and that I do indeed have love in my life but just not in the form of mr.right at the moment! 

So am gonna end this one with a quote from the movie Love Actually where Hugh Grant’s character makes this opening statement -“Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it’s always there – fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge – they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion… love actually is all around. “


Chompunuch and the power of a good review February 10, 2010

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Whenever I’m given the task of deciding where to eat with while meeting friends – I often find that my responses are pretty mundane and ordinary….i dont stray far away from the well known coffee shop around the corner or Adliya Avenue which lets face it – is known to be restaurant central.

My friend “D” however is notorious for luring us into joining him for dinner in somewhat debauched-looking eating outlets….while we tease him mercilessly for being a dodgy character for taking us to these places there is a part of me that is grateful that people like him actually do make an attempt to go out of the box and try out different restaurants (and hence my excuse for going there…).

One such place was the Thai Restaurant “Chompunuch” in Gudaibiya. Now, driving in Gudaibiya traffic on a Friday night  is one heck of a feat and finding parking, well…a sighting of the loch ness monster has better prospects! The restaurant is a small sized making it perfect for a quiet night out (we were a group of 7 so that wasnt on our mind). The interiors give off them impression that the people did put some thought into decorating, and the plasma screen tv showing Thai tv proved to be quite entertaining  for me – (but then i do have cheap thrills and love them Thai ads…). When not cooked properly, Thai food gives off a very pungent almost vulgar smell that is a definate turn off for me but Chompunuch’s food was far from obscene. The tom yum soup was one of the best that I’ve tasted and the rest of the meal was really delightful (again…didnt get around to taking photos and the actual names….am just not in the habit of doing so). I did wonder on how this place actually survives but I guess most of the business comes from take-away and delivery orders.

Which brings me to the second Thai Restaurant I visited last week, (yeah I know too many Thai places!*) let me start by saying I’m a big fan of Time Out Bahrain (its a magazine here for those who dont know!) and Feb 2010’s edition featured a restaurant review about the restaurant Honey’s. So my friend “A” and I decided to try it out after an evening of treasure troving the Souq (i love the Souq…but will rave about it in another blog perhaps..). As I stepped in the restaurant, I wondered whether I would have actually tried this restaurant if it werent for the review (incidentally my dodgy friend “D” – hence to be referred as Dodgy D – did recommend that we try this restaurant the week before, and was shoo’d off). The neon lighting of the place kills any hope of the restaurant even looking like a decent one. However, where the decor lacks, the food makes up for it and with good sized portions too.  Being centrally located in Manama – the clientele of this place ranges from Thai’s looking for home food without breaking the bank, locals, tourists, curious review readers and unibrowed “working” girls!

*While on the topic of Thai food – Ohlala! February 2010 edition features a review on the best Tom Yum soup in Bahrain and investigates 7 restaurants that has Thai cuisine and Honey’s and Chompunuch  wasnt in one of them(although Thai Chi was one of the restaurants covered!)…guess I have more Thai restaurants to cover huh?